Assistive Technology & Universal Design for Learning (AT/UDL) Learning Institute

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Educators are required to consider Assistive Technology for every IEP or 504 Plan, but do they have the knowledge and resources to effectively do so?   This professional learning institute will provide Educators with an understanding of best practices in the fields of Assistive Technology (AT) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL), as well as practical knowledge of the provision of Accessible Educational Materials (AEM). Working collaboratively through hands-on activities, participants will leverage the power of available technologies and resources to enable all students, especially those with disabilities, to access the curriculum and improve their learning.  Tools for considering and assessing an individual’s need for Assistive Technology will be explored as will district-wide processes for  AT.  


Next Cohort Starting 1/6/22

We were honored to discuss our AT/UDL work and be Contributing Authors to the book Universal Access Through Inclusive Instructional Design: International Perspectives on UDL. Edited by Susie Gronseth and Elizabeth Dalton


Spreading the Word about Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning: A Model for Professional Teacher Learning

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